Class Calendar

Gentle Yoga and Meditation:

The group classes listed below provide a foundation for a healthy, safe, gentle yoga practice.

Saturdays (Gentle Yoga)

  • Gentle, Slow, Accessible Yoga: Time: 10:30-11:30am begins May 26, 2023 through October 20, 2023.
  • Location: Hope Valley Resort Community Lodge, 8372 Enchanted Way SE, Turner, OR; For residents of Hope Valley Resort.
  • This yoga practice can be done from a mat, chair or both depending on what the participant prefers. This class is focused on yoga “innercise” rather than yoga fitness exercise using slow mindful movements and breathing to facilitate mind, body, spirit and nervous system resilience to ease stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Bring your own mat and props.

Tuesdays (Chair Yoga)

Aqua Yoga:

A unique and different experience, Aqua yoga offers yoga poses in the comfort and support of heated salt water. This opens up possibilities for improved balance, comfort and relaxation. It is necessary to pre-register and to call about additional logistical details as class size is limited to 6 students. $15/group class

1st and 3rd Fridays, 10:30-11:30am (Aqua Yoga)

  • December 2022-March 3, 2023 in Tucson, AZ. Classes will resume in November 2023.
  • Class in an indoor, heated, mid-town pool.
  • Location: Santa Rita Springs, 2301 North Santa Rita Road, Tucson, AZ. For information about the location, consult

Call/Text 520-370-3499 or email to register and receive confirmation.

Individual / Private yoga classes:

Individual yoga classes would be primarily for those who are looking for an introduction to the practice of yoga as a way to become more comfortable with entry into a group class setting or those who are seeking a specific focus for short term individual class sessions. Call 520-370-3499 or email for time and location. $65/class

Integrative Yoga therapy:

Individuals facing health challenges, life changes and transitions may wish to complement their care plan with the addition of Integrative yoga therapy which focuses on a multidimensional concept of healing using yoga tools to assist the individual in their unique journey to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. For Integrative Yoga therapy sessions, a minimum of three sessions is recommended. Call/Text 520-370-3499 or email for time and location. $100./first session (90 minutes), $75/ additional sessions (60 minutes)

Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy Training TIYT

For dates and registration, see Sundara Yoga Therapy ( This training led by several faculty is designed to teach Yoga Therapy methods to Yoga Therapists, experienced Yoga teachers, mental health professionals presently working with, or are interested in working with clients that suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder (PD), and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The focus of the training is to give participants practical applications of ancient, traditional Yoga techniques that train the body and mind to employ a natural system of self-regulation. The methods we employ are not only rooted in the ancient techniques of Yoga but also in modern neuro-biology research. for information and registration.

Yoga for Wellness Series:

This is a series of 1.5 to 3 hour workshops for coping with health challenges through yoga. Health topics include fibromyalga, asthma and COPD, insomnia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, grief and loss. Other topics include:

“Overcoming Anxiety: A Natural and Holistic Approach”

This program is an evidence-informed natural and holistic approach to coping with anxiety. Sessions are didactic and experiential. Self-regulation tools and mindfulness practices are components of the program. No Yoga experience required. Introduction to Overcoming AnxietyFull three part series: Overcoming Anxiety A Natural and Holistic Approach. Email for additional information:

“Yoga Tips for Travelers”

This workshop will provide quick and simple tips for you to have a healthy and harmonious trip. These tools for self-care when traveling are drawn from the eight limbs of the yoga tradition and Ayurveda including simple breath, asana and centering practices, nurtrition while on the road, packing for the trip, and maintaining equanimity wherever you are in your journey. No yoga experience required.

“Yoga Practices for Heart Health”

Practices to guide the body and mind from a place of agitation to a place of calm. In this session, you will discover the benefits of yoga for cultivating heart health and stress resilience. The session will provide information, materials and a guided gentle yoga class, relaxation and meditation. The Session will guide the participant on a journey of self-reflection, supportive self-care, and taking the yoga practices off the mat and into daily life for on-going, life-affirming practice. This program is for individuals who wish to be pro-active about the health of their heart as well as individuals (and their partners) who have experienced the challenge of heart disease. Yoga can be done on a mat or on a chair.

Additional program options

If interested in having a yoga class or presentation at your yoga studio, worksite, home, or community center, or a yoga party for a special event, contact Jessica at to bring yoga classes to you. Classes can be done in chairs or on the floor with mats. Price depends on location and number of students.